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Our Mission
To build and/or enhance the parent-child connection for optimal emotional health and well being, including bringing healing to the
home and family so that relationships can grow
and flourish.














The Center for Family Attachment and Healing works with parents, starting parentally,  to create a strong family where enduring relationship are established and thrive.
Through "Conscious Parenting," we can build strong connections with our children, allowing us to guide them throughout childhood, into becoming emotionally healthy adults.  

It is the  strong connections we make with our children, early on, that  lay the foundation for their lifelong emotional regulation and well being, and hence, positive behaviors, self confidence and healthy relationships with others.


Please see the services page for a more detailed description of the myriad of services including: Therapy, Doula/Childbirth Assistance, CALM BIRTH preparation, Seminars, and consultation.


ATTENTION Adoptive Parents:

You are entitled to receive a minimum of 
5 months of post adoption services in the
State of PA

How do I qualify?

Any parent who has adopted a child, at any time in the past, (both domestic and international), and currently live in the state of PA qualifies. 

What do I do to receive this service?

If you are interested in receiving services, parents must complete an intake/assessment through SWAN or Jewish Family Services to become eligible for specialized, in-home services.  Contact person and number at J.F.S. is Denise Sheffield (717-233-1681).  The process takes between 2 -3 weeks and you will be able to work with someone who has specialized training in working with adoptive families, and attachment and trauma issues.  Pam Moran is a provider for this program.

  • The Center provides counseling services to individual adults, couples, children and families who are experiencing a multitude of emotional and behavioral issues. 

  • The Center uses various models of attachment and trauma informed treatments including, but not limited to EMDR, Narrative Therapy, Play Therapy, Multi-sensory Experiential Therapy,  and other body-mind therapies. 
    Please see the "Model" page for further information about these models and more.

  • Body-mind Therapies, unlike exclusive cognitive/talk- based therapies, have the power to change the neurology of the brain for improved mood and behavior. 

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