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Center for Family Attachment and Healing
can help create new found peace and joy for your family!

Body-mind Therapies, unlike exclusive cognitive/talk- based therapies, have the power to change the neurology of the brain for improved mood and behavior!  

"You create your future in your present state.  Your future cannot be prevented by the present, but rather it must be created from the present"

      Deepak Chopra

"The only time we seek to control is when we are scared or stressed." 

         Bryan Post

It is a misconception that parents cannot relate to, communicate with, and influence their adolescent children.

"All emotional reactivity stems from unfinished business." 

Bryan Post


About...Treatment Models Used and Issues Addressed

Family-Centered Regulatory Therapy is a body/mind model developed by Dr. Bryan Post ( ), based on attachment theory, attachment and bonding research, the psychology of regulation, brain research, and what we know about the effects of stress and trauma and how to engage it at it's source.  It is not about putting band-aids on behavioral symptoms.  Instead, it is about assisting families in reducing stress, and moving toward conscious mindful interactions with one another, while moving away from reacting out the past and obsessing about the future.  Thus, being in the present moment to build relationships.  When this can happen, regulation of emotions occurs and thus, behavioral symptoms diminish.

 For children with severe behaviors, talk based therapies such as cognitive and behavioral models are ineffective at best.  The Family-Centered Regulatory Therapist facilitates the building of relationships within the family.  Intensive therapeutic interventions to engage the part of the brain where trauma and attachment are stored is often necessary to integrate the brain so that relationship can occur.  Without relationship, there is nothing.  A Family-Centered Regulatory Therapist works with the family as a whole, never with the child independently.  We all live within the important relationships of our lives and they have the power to create change.  In fact, repetition of positive relationship, along with a positive environment, is all that really can.  Thus, the family is the change agent and the therapist is the facilitator of this.

 Brain research informs us that the debate between the influences of nature vs. nurture no longer exists, and that there is an inseparable connection between the body and mind.  It is unquestionable that we are all influenced by our genes.  However, which genes are activated and which neurological connections are made, or not, along with their strength, is determined by our earliest environment and our earliest relationships, above all, the one with our primary caretaker during the first 33 months (starting in utero) of our lives.  Although nearly all of us have no conscious memory of this time period, every experience we have ever had is held in the cells of our body, showing it's memory in our behaviors.   Thus, referred to as our "behavioral memory".  

"If you always do what you've always done, you will always
be where you've already been."   

       Bishop T.D. Jakes

Are you ready to try something different?


Other Therapies Used, Include, But are Not Limited To

 Multi-sensory Experiential Therapy          Use of Deep Breathing
Guided Imagery / Guided Meditation Narrative Therapy
Nurturing Cradle Hold (never coerced or forced) Journaling
Cognitive Negative Awareness     Psycho-education
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Play Therapy -
Teaching parents the use of various forms of play to build and strengthen attachment and bonding


Specific Issues Addressed

Childbirth Preparation  Birth Anxiety/Fear
Preparing to be a conscious parent Birth Trauma (parents and/or child)
Building/enhancing attachment and bonding Processing Birth Experiences
Trauma / PTSD Attachment challenges
Personality Disorders  Depression
Grief and Loss Adoption/Foster Care
Severe Behavioral Disorders (including ODD, ADHD, Bi-polar, RAD)

Many parents with children who display the most severe behaviors have often tirelessly sought a multitude of mental health treatments and psychotropic medications, resulting in much frustration, and little long term change.

Strong and healthy relationship can actually change the neurology of our children's brains and thus drastically improve the most severe behaviors.

There is nothing that any therapist or expert can do in relationship to children that comes close to that which parents can do with the right training, skill and support. 

This body/mind therapy has the immense power to change the neurology of the brain.

It is never too late to mend or enhance the relationships with our children.



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